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The competition of the enterprise is also the competition of culture. In order to improve the competitiveness and create better professional works, we have established training centers and staff cultural activities tomake corporate culture become the consensus of every employee. Popularizethe concept of universal health and progressive cultural environment, show the spirit of Guangtai, whichgive birth to a good result. 


Enterprise Objective:


Persevere to speed up the development,

Strongly strengthen management,

Unswervingly advancing reform,

Perseverance to strengthen the construction of spiritual civilization,

Sincerity of the attitude, excellent quality, perfect service.

Enterprise Spirit:

Unity, Hard working, Truth - seeking, Innovation

Corporate Philosophy:

Motivate the spirit of employees to devote themselves to enterprise with excellent values;

Carryforward the business purposes with a unique business philosophy;

Maintain the order of business operations with a good code of conduct;

Improve the market share of enterprises with new products.

Innovative Ideas:

Good governance, research technology, pioneering and innovative, pursuit of excellence

Team Purpose:

Think whatcustomers think, worry the urgency of customers, make quality products, create good service!

Meet customer expectations is the pursuit and commitment of Guangtai people!

Work policy:

Grasp management |Reduce consumption |Create high quality |Increase efficiency

Grasping technological innovation |Boom technology |Increase output |Promote development

Employee rules:

Abide by the law, abide loyalty, wholehearted devotion to public duty;Abide by the leadership, care for subordinates, unity and mutual assistance;

Care for public property, save money, eliminate waste; work hard, improve the level, proficient in business;

Civilized speech, treat people with sincerity, strict self-discipline; standardized operation, safe production, eliminate accidents;

Positive and enterprising, the courage to open up, contribute to innovation; maintain the company's reputation, protect the interests of the company.



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